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Stop the Toxic Wells is a volunteer organization; formed for the sole purpose of preventing the installation and operation of Class I toxic waste injection wells in Montgomery County TX.   TexCom Gulf Disposal, LLC has applied to the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) seeking permits which would authorize their operation of up to four Class I commercial waste injection wells & a surface facility on property located in the Conroe Oil field near the intersection of Crighton Road and  FM 3083 in Montgomery County, TX. As an organization, we recognize that injection wells are an accepted method of waste disposal and we are not opposed to all injection wells.  In fact, we champion safe, responsible disposal.  However, the location of the proposed TexCom injection wells fails to meet basic safety criteria required of any responsible disposal site. We believe it is our responsibility to protect and use our natural resources wisely, as our children will inherit the result of our actions.  Therefore, we demand, for the sake of public safety, that Class 1 injection wells meet specific, common sense criteria. The criteria and TexCom’s violation of these criteria are summarized below:

The people of Montgomery County, which includes all residents, business owners, city and county elected officials, as well as state legislative representatives for our area, unanimously oppose the permit application for operation of Class 1 injection wells on the proposed site in our county. The economic health and growth of Montgomery County, the 26th fastest growing county in the country, is inextricably tied to the protection of our precious water supply.

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Current status and how we got here...

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Thank you for your support. As a community, we can band together to fight this and protect our right to safe drinking water.


Keep Toxic Injection Wells Out of Montgomery County, TX
Stop The Toxic Wells

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The Texas Third Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments from attorneys representing parties involved in the TCEQ/TexCom case as outlined below:

WednesdayNovember 28, 2012 at 9:00AM

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